User Opinions

„capmatch medical and netzwerk nordbayern have provided invaluable services and support. As entrepreneurs based in the United States, we established our company MD-5 GmbH in Germany so as to bring us into close proximity to key R&D partners and to be located within the first market for our product. But the unfamiliar location creates the challenge of identifying and connecting to local investors. The impressive connections of capmatch medical, reaching across Europe, address our investment needs perfectly. What is more, the capmatch medical system for selecting and matching the company to interested investors saves time and ensures that both parties are on common ground from the first connection.”
Mark K. Borsody | MD-5 GmbH

„There are many would-be match making services and platforms. This is the first one I have seen that, after careful research, was designed and is operated with truly both investors’ and entrepreneurs’ needs in mind."
Dr. Christian Schneider | Vesalius Biocapital

„I appreciate capmatch medical as a good initiative, presenting relevant deal flow I won’t see otherwise.”
Dr. Karl Nägler | Gimv

„capmatch medical is a useful match making service that presents its start-ups to investors in a focused and targeted way. We like that tailored approach and therefore use capmatch medical on a regular basis.”
Dr. Joachim Rautter | Peppermint VenturePartners