Tailor-made deal suggestions - our matching process

CONNECT – To ensure the best possible matching results, our process starts with a detailed registration of your investment preferences and the possibility to update these at any time according to your current investment strategy. Thus, we will be able to suggest suitable deals with a structured fact sheet delivering all relevant information at one glance. Furthermore, we offer interesting pre-founding projects – not yet looking for funding – the option to display their potential new venture as a preview deal, giving you the possibility to get in touch with potential investment opportunities as early as possible.

COMMIT – For each deal of interest to you, we can provide – in accordance with the fund seeking company – further company documents like business plans or company presentations. With our coaching-approach we help the emerging ventures to communicate their key facts as precisely and consistently as possible and ensure complete information. 

CONDUCT – After successfully presenting you with a deal opportunity according to your investment matching criteria, the further due-diligence process is up to your company specific procedures. Furthermore, our online tool enables you to communicate and securely share information and documents with fellow investors and/or entrepreneurs.

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